Introduce about

Solve problem and develop application using Python, Django, React, OO designing, UML modeling and dynamic data structures.

At present, working as an Odoo developer in an E-Commerce company. Sometime very happy to be a part-time DevOps, handle Docker, Debian/Ubuntu servers etc. Create test cases after development using Scrum/Agile methodology. Have a dream to start Test-driven development (TDD). I am deeply interested on Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science and AI, off course with Python. Moreover, I love to take challenges and pursue them to learn more.

Skill areas

I am a person of combination of hard and soft skills. I like to solve problem and code as well as I like to communicate, work in a team or take leadership.

Web development (Python/Django)

Develop web application using Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Django REST framework(DRF), django-allauth, Celery, RabbitMQ, AWS, Docker, etc.

Odoo Development

Every business is different. So, I develop Odoo module to meet my customer(Sales, Procurement, Warehouse, Finance, etc. department) need.


React is present front-end craze. So I am learning it. I am improving day by day.

Deep Learning

The future will be built by Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and AI. It is better to be prepared for the future.


Git at a glance

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